Get to Know the Concept of Responsive Web Design...

Get to Know the Concept of Responsive Web Design...

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Ever heard of phrases like “This website doesn’t feed to our demands, it is not responsive!” Or something like this “I want to get the complete view in all devices”.

You must have experienced when the era of Nokia Music express was on, anything we Google shows us only partial or somewhat incomplete view. And to be honest, I never even tried to search for anything on my small box phone because it gave only disappointment!

Web technology had not advanced to a great extent during early 2000. But now, technology is growing exponentially. This small screen problem must have been experienced by savvy tech experts as well. That led to invent of responsive web design, probably a revolution principle in the web development industry!

Let us look at the hook and nook of the concept behind responsive web design

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What is responsive website?

Well, as we wish for fast response to the customer care emails in case of a mishandling in our Amazon order, so do we wish for websites to respond according to the vessel it is kept!

Well, most people carry not only one mobile, but also a tablet or a laptop along! And when a website is searched for, it is expected to present the full functionality of the website in whichever device it is opened in. For instance, our mobile phones range from 4 inch to maximum 5.5 inch and the laptops are roughly 17 inch or more in size. Tablets lie in the intermediate range.

How does the size of a device affect the presentability of a website?

It does to a great extent! There is something called pixels which affect the presentability of any website and the pixel dimension in varying size of device is different. So it is for the web designer to decide how to design the content to be responsive. For say, if there is one column in a 5 inch mobile phone and two columns in a 17 inch laptop, it is okay until and unless the content of the website does not change.

Why is responsive website needed?

Now that you know what a responsive website is. By now you must have already guessed that a website is made responsive for one primary reason, better experience.

A web designing company will always want the users to have the best experience when their website is visited. If the user or client is not satisfied with the experience it is receiving, there is no future for the business.

For say, when a customer walks in a shop, the owner greets the customer and tries to give the best experience of the visit. Same principle works in the internet as well. Of course, it is not possible to physically greet and welcome your online friends, but making a website responsive does quite the correlative task.

That is the whole story of what and why responsive websites are gaining importance and is being implemented upon. Hope this post was informative

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