Top 5 things to do for Black Friday Cyber 2019 Monday Shopify Sale

Top 5 things to do for Black Friday Cyber 2019 Monday Shopify Sale

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Online shopping increases exponentially every year on Black Friday 2019 and Thanksgiving. These holidays are not just limited to one day. People shop for months and months till New Year. The reasons are quite obvious:

  1. It is festival time.
  2. People want to shop for themselves as well as for their friends and family.
  3. Shoppers get great offers, discounts, and deals during this time.

So, how is it important for e-commerce retailers?

Again, quite obvious!

More sale = More profit

Another important question is how to prepare for these festivities?

For starters, you should begin with the preparations of Black Friday.

Most Shopify experts suggest that all online stores must be prepared for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019 in advance. Not just that, they should also begin preparations for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Sale.

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Moving on to our exclusive BFCM sale, we have the following 10 tips on how to prepare for all festive sales in advance.

Now you have to concentrate on two important points for the black Friday cyber Monday 2019 sale:

  1. You have to get your store prepared.
  2. You have to increase your reach to your customers.

How to prepare your Shopify Store for BFCM sale?

1.  Begin at the earliest

Although the festivals actually begin in November and continue till January, your store should have sales and offers as early as October. The reason is that most people love to shop beforehand. If you have to organize a Christmas sale, announce it in mid- November. All the gifts and shopping is done by customers beforehand only so do not wait for the Thanksgiving day or weekend to come.

2.  Improve your Website Speed

A good speed means quicker uploading of the web pages. If you want lifelong customers, make sure that your website loads quickly on their screens. Remember that yours is not the only e-commerce Shopify Dropshipping store that is offering discounts and coupons. If your website doesn’t load quickly, the user will close your tab and move to another website; and, you will lose a potential buyer. Therefore, work upon the speed and responsiveness of your online store and make the necessary changes.

3.  Have Back Ups

Make it certain that your backups for each and everything on your site from the codes to the product descriptions and images. Black Friday comes only once a year so you get the opportunity to gain massive profit and customers only once a year too. You don’t want to miss this golden opportunity just because your website went down and you are left with nothing now. Have a back-up of everything as it is just like insurance. Even if your website goes down, you can get it running very quickly if you have a back-up of everything.

4.  Optimize your Website and your Products

Usually, customers are not sure about what they have to buy when they are shopping in bulk and especially during festivals. They want to buy new and unique items but they are not restricted to one or two types or kinds. Optimize your website and your products so that they are easily discoverable on all search engines. If your store is optimized, the user will come across your products and since they are already rare and attractive, they will be lured to buy them. Use good content, do the SEO of your website and products, make sure that your images are optimized, add descriptions and titles to each and every page, and get a higher ranking on all search engines.

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5.  Give Attractive Offers

For Cyber Monday and Black Friday customers usually look for at least a 20-30% discount on their purchases. Now, here is the chance to stand out and tall. Be creative and innovative with your offers.

Add free gifts with a higher rate purchase or add gift cards with a certain amount of purchase.

Add higher discounts to attract more customers. Offer 50% off to first time buyers or 40% off to customers who shop for more than 4 items of a certain amount.

Another thing that you have to be certain that these discounts are put up clearly and prominently on your website. They should be visible as soon as a user opens your site.

You can also add a countdown timer to add a sense of urgency and excitement among the customers. Just make sure that your customers are ensured that they are getting the maximum benefits when they shop from you.


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