Tips for Facebook Ad for BFCM 2019

Tips for Facebook Ad for BFCM 2019

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This article deals with the market frenzy which is commonly known as the BFCM- Black Friday Cyber Monday sales. The basic agenda of these four-days is to pour offers, deals, and discounts to people all around the world during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

So, what’s there in store for the businessmen and the company?

To explain it in simple terms, we can say that a whopping amount of sale is done during these days which give great and unbelievable profits to your business.

Just so you know, it was found that the USA spent an astounding $19.60 Billion on online shopping in 2017 during the time of Thanksgiving.

So, if you have an e-commerce store or specifically a Shopify store, you can benefit greatly in BFCM 2019. The best way is to go for paid advertisements on Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

However, you must also understand that using ad boosters is not a very unique and new concept. Almost all online businesses go for them. Some even invest a hefty amount in paid advertising.

So, how can you benefit from it?

As mentioned earlier, ad boosters are not a rare idea but still, many businesses do not get much benefit from them even after putting in a lot of money.

In addition to money, you also have to have a properly configured campaign, monitor it regularly, and sort out your target audience correctly.

Fortunately, Facebook ads aren’t that big of a challenge after all. If you are familiar with the essentials and basics of Facebook and your business, you can carry out a successful ad campaign in budget.

Let’s find out how we can benefit from Facebook ads to drive our BFCM 2019 sale:

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 Lay an organised Groundwork in Facebook Ads Manager and get going

Open the Facebook account of your store and go to the Ads Manager.

Click on “create” and select your objective from the suggestions’ list.

If you have to advertise BFCM 2019 products, choose “Conversions” as your end goal is the sale and not traffic or lead generation.

However, if you are looking for long-term marketing, you can choose to go for leads.

Specify your budget and then “Create Pixel”.

Enter your shop’s URL then decide how to implement the Pixel. Choose your target audience and make the payment.

The above mentioned are the steps to launch an ad campaign for BFCM 2019 sale on Facebook. Now we will share some tips to make this campaign of yours more effective.

1. Prepare the Creative Part of your Ads in Advance:

Do not wait for Black Friday Cyber Monday sale to actually come for preparing your ads. Plan your themes and create interesting posters and banners in advance. Usually, companies start working at the last moment with the creative. But if you prepare everything in advance, you will be totally ready for the sale and way ahead of your competitors.

2. Use your Previous Ads and Banners:

There is no harm in recycling your ads every now and then. If you are running late or have a limited budget, there is no need to start from the beginning. Pick the ads with the best results from your past BFCM campaigns and use them this year as well.

3. Run Ad Tests:

Use Dynamic creative to create various versions of your ad and test it against a variety of audience. Analyse the response towards each of them and choose the best performing ad from the lot. Running an ad test is highly beneficial.

4. Raise your Budget:

When the D-Day is nearing, we recommend you to raise your budget by at least 40-50% considering the huge competition. You have worked really hard up till now so don’t go low on the budget if you want the best results. Boost your best performing ads to make the most out of them.

5. Combine your Marketing skills and schemes:

If your business runs both online and offline then merge your skills and give exciting offers to your clients.

For instance, give a 10% discount on online shopping and 10+10% discount on a store visit.

Moreover, use the same posters, banners, and images for your online and offline marketing so that your audience can relate to it in a better way.

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