History of Black Friday Cyber Monday

History of Black Friday Cyber Monday

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Black Friday is the day that comes after the holiday of Thanksgiving. Most people consider it to the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas. Although Black Friday is not an officially declared holiday, most states observe a holiday after Thanksgiving.  This is the time when employees, students, businessmen, friends, families, and everyone go shopping. Thus, this is the time when there is the greatest number of potential shoppers.

As a matter of fact, since 2006, Black Friday has been the busiest day for all the shopkeepers in the year. In this article, we will find out more about the history of Black Friday and how it became one of the most important days for shoppers in the world.

Big Friday

Initially, in 1869, the term Black Friday was used in the US to refer to a financial crisis. Two businessmen, Jay Gould, and James Fish tried to get hold of the gold market on 24th September 1869 which was a Friday.

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However, it was in Philadelphia in 1961 when the term Black Friday was used for the first time in a public relations newsletter. Since, the days after Thanksgiving were the biggest shopping days, several problems such as traffic jams, fights, etc. used to happen. Therefore, the officers and police started to call those days like Black Friday and Black Saturday.

Apparently, the shop-owners and shoppers did not like these terms and took this matter to the Deputy City Representative, Abe S. Rosen. He was a very experienced PR executive of the country. Hence, he understood the plight of the businessmen. A suggestion was made to rename the days as Big Friday and Big Saturday.

Although the use of the word ‘Black’ was initially opposed, it was found out that by 1975, the majority of people including police, public, businessmen, bus drivers, etc. referred to these days as Black Friday and Black Saturday only. Therefore, it becomes a common and popular term and is still massively used today.

Cyber Monday

In 2003 and 2004, it was observed that many people preferred to shop online on the days following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Black Saturday. Since the roads and markets remain quite busy, a great amount of public would indulge in online shopping on Monday, right after the Thanksgiving weekend.

Thus, in the year 2005, the term Cyber Monday officially came into use. It refers to the Monday that comes after the Thanksgiving weekend. 

Cyber Monday was originally introduced so that the crowd feels less competitive for a particular deal and doesn’t get to the verge of becoming violent.

However, today, the scenario has totally changed. Black Friday Cyber Monday sales are a great opportunity for businessmen to earn profits and for the buyers to get stuff at great discounts and offers. The e-commerce stores begin their preparations for the BFCM Sale months before Thanksgiving to make the most out of the occasions.

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