Top Plugins You Cannot Afford to Ignore for Your WordPress Website to Be Speed Optimised and Run as Fast as Bolt!

Top Plugins You Cannot Afford to Ignore for Your WordPress Website to Be Speed Optimised and Run as Fast as Bolt!

  • Meroxio blog Admin

Well, what is a plugin? This must be the first question popping in your mind when we see this post, right? Plugins are basically software that performs a specific function in your WordPress website. Plugins are written in PHP and are integrated in the WordPress to perform the desired task. They are available free as well as pro versions.

Now, we all know about the importance of speed optimization in ecommerce and how speedy websites help the ecommerce websites grow.

When we start building a WordPress website, we want our WordPress site to be functionally rich and perform custom functions which requires the website to fully purpose oriented. Plugins basically enhance and extend the functionality of a website. We list down top WordPress plugins which you should add to your WordPress site to increase the speed of your site

  • WP Rocket: It is the fastest cache plugin and is available for $39. Although it is a premium plugin, if you owe for speed, get your hands on the WP Rocket. Various comparison among different cache plugins such as WP Fastest cache and W3 total cache shows that WP Rocket tops them all


  • WP Fastest Cache: If you don’t want to invest dollars on WordPress plugins, WP Fastest Cache is a free plugin which you must configure in your website to enhance the speed of the site. An extra advantage, it is super easy to configure


  • W3 Total Cache: W3 Total Cache is an SEO friendly plugin which helps provide better user experience by reducing download time, increasing website performance. This plugin can be a pain at configuring but the step by step configuration procedure is given solves the hurdle


  • WP Optimize: WP-Optimize helps enhance the overall optimization of the WordPress site by removing trash, junk files and spam files which can decrease the overall speed of the site


  • Imagify: Imagify is an awesome plugin which you must not miss because it is the most advanced image compression tool which can not only compress larger images but also thumbnails and retina images on the go


  • AMP: Speed up your WordPress website just like the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project by Google. By appending /amp/ to the end of the URLs, all your posts become AMP compatible


  • WP Disable: This is a must have plugin for speed optimizing. It helps disable all those components of the website which lead to decrease in page speed such as emojis, embeds, Google maps, gravators, WooCommerce reviews and scripts


  • P3 Plugin Performance Profiler: Excessive number of plugins or too large sized plugins can also add to the slowing of your WordPress site. This particular plugin gives a graphical representation of all your active plugins and shows which plugins are the slowest. In this way, you can remove those plugins or replace them with some lightweight plugins.

These are some of the listed SEO friendly plugins for WordPress site which you can incorporate in your WordPress site or WooCommerce store to speed up the performance and enhance the functionalities of the website.